Set power free on the
CyberTrees Ledger

Own a part of the largest public global decentralized power grid in the world


For use by anyone with a connected device


Power your home in an environmentally friendly way


Power of the people, by the people, and for the people

How it works?

Help set up Green Node with these 4 steps.

Become a stakeholder in the world's largest public, decentralized global power grid.

Step 1

Buy GREEN nodes

By owning a Green node you will be able to operate the Green software.

Step 2

Download & run TREE softwares

Your Green node will run quietly in the background. You don't need to do anything except keep your computer plugged in.

Step 3

Earn digital TREE rewards.

Earn TREE rewards by running your node because you are helping power the green blockchain.

Step 4

Help set power free.

Join hundreds of our community members by participating in our Discord channel and set power free to the world.

Access to decentralized green energy globally

Upgrade a 100-year-old energy grid and change the world for billions.

Our aim is to create a sustainable blockchain environment. Presently, thousands of Green node owners contribute to developing and sustaining the CyberTrees Ecosystem. Continuously, our network invests in renewable energy initiatives that align with and bolster CyberTrees's mission and vision.

A new way to effectively capture, store $TREE

We are working to show the world what a sustainable blockchain looks like. With the best-in-class CyberTrees software you will be able to earn, capture, and store your TREE.

Global decentralized power grid that anyone can participate in.

CyberTrees represents a transformative shift in blockchain technology. Its innovative Green smart node can be operated on any internet-connected device, allowing users worldwide to earn digital rewards.

A decentralized power grid of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Our decentralized community is composed of developers, engineers, architects, and thousands of decentralized node operators. Every member contributes their time, skills, resources, and power to support the mission of CyberTrees.

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