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A convergence of AI and blockchain technologies, offering powerful tools for environmental sustainability and efficient energy management.

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CyberGPT+ is designed for enhancing environmental sustainability and efficiency in various sectors by harnessing the combined power of AI and blockchain technology

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Given the rapidly escalating threats posed by climate change, as confirmed by scientific evidence, the scope and pace of research aimed at finding solutions are expanding dramatically. It's now virtually impossible for any single person or team to keep abreast of all the high-quality publications in this field. However, large-scale climate research is essential for driving significant impact.

To address this challenge, CyberTreesGPT+ offers an intuitive interface to our sophisticated Large Language Model (LLM), which includes features such as

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CyberTreesGPT-7B-FSC (From Scratch Climate)

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IFT Dataset

Custom IFT Dataset

Custom IFT Dataset

Custom IFT Dataset

Custom IFT Dataset


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LlMa2-Chat-7B (2T Tokens)

LlMa2-Chat-7B (2T Tokens)

LlMa2-Chat-7B (2T Tokens)

LlMa2-Chat-7B (2T Tokens)

Diverse Knowledge

CyberTrees GPT+ is designed to never be content with a singular perspective. For every query it receives, the model is engineered to provide insights spanning a variety of scientific domains. This unique methodology enables users to extend their understanding beyond mere weather patterns, delving into the complex interrelations and dependencies within ecosystems. It also explores the potential risks and opportunities presented by these ecosystems, especially in the context of blockchain technology.

A Forward-Looking AI Decision Model

Up-to-date data and source citations.

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Curated and fine-tuned with experts and local stakeholders.

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