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CyberTrees Energy Trading

CyberTrees's Blockchain-Powered Marketplace for Energy Attribute Certificates and Environmental Instruments


Efficient and Secure EAC Trading

CyberTrees facilitates the trading of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) like Renewable Energy Certificates and carbon credits using TREE tokens. This approach ensures simplicity, security, and efficiency in the trading process, enhanced by real-time price discovery to support informed decision-making based on market trends.


Immutable Audit Trail with Blockchain

The platform utilizes blockchain technology, which offers a permanent and verifiable audit trail. This feature guarantees transparency and trustworthiness in every transaction conducted on the platform.


Standardized Trading Terms with Pre-Qualified Participants

CyberTrees streamlines trading by offering standardized terms for all transactions. It further ensures smooth operations by pre-qualifying all marketplace participants, thus eliminating the need for extensive back-office operations and related costs.


Streamlined Payments and High Scalability

Upon order placement, anonymized orders are instantly visible to all participants in the marketplace. When orders are matched, CyberTrees facilitates the payment process, allowing customers to conveniently purchase certificates using TREE tokens. The platform is also designed for high-volume transactions, capable of processing over 50,000 transactions per second, and is ready to accommodate digital currency transactions, highlighting its adaptability and future readiness.

CyberTrees Ledger

The CyberTrees Ledger is a publicly accessible blockchain application developed using Cosmos SDK and operates on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism.

CyberTrees leverages digital ledger to revolutionize energy distribution and management.

CyberTrees Network

Agent-Based Network Integration

CyberTrees incorporates energy devices and users into its network as agents. These agents, ranging from grid infrastructure components to individual appliances and energy users, operate through a customized implementation of the CyberTrees Protocol. This design allows for a diverse and interactive network within the energy sector.

Multi-Layered Approach for Local and Global Integration

CyberTrees's structure allows for effective support of local grids through precise transaction management while also facilitating global value transfers and inter-grid collaboration. This is achieved through a combination of performance-oriented local systems and a broader network that connects different grids, all underpinned by the versatile utility of CyberTreeFuel and the overarching blockchain technology.

Local Transaction Management with CyberTreeFuel

Transactions within local systems are conducted using CyberTreeFuel, a mutual credit system facilitating value transfers. This approach ensures efficient and tailored management of energy transactions at the local level.

Agent-Centric Architecture for Enhanced Interaction

Each agent in the CyberTrees network, be it a device or an end user, is capable of establishing and managing its own private relationships, transactions, and interactions. This agent-centric architecture significantly enhances scalability, performance, and adaptability, outperforming traditional global blockchain or server-based solutions, particularly for community-based energy applications.

Developers can now make their developments irresistible to environmentally conscious buyers.

Energy trading and traceability

Future-proof revenue for your development

Energy trading and traceability

Future-proof revenue for your development

Developers can now make their developments irresistible to environmentally conscious buyers.

Green Node

Owning a Green node introduces an innovative method to efficiently capture and store TREE. This ownership grants you the capability to run the CyberTrees software.


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CyberTrees GPT+


CyberTrees GPT+ is a powerful tool, combining AI capabilities with specialized knowledge in blockchain, energy trading, and environmental sustainability, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the CyberTrees platform.

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CyberTrees is a platform dedicated to the creation and investment in carbon and biodiversity credits generated by ecologically regenerative projects with a strong commitment to integrity.

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